General Demolition

Demolition is our core activity and we pride ourselves on being experts in our field.

At Sloyan Doyle, we have the resources and experience to safely complete projects ranging in size from demolition of single buildings, to clearance of whole city blocks. We have successfully completed demolition of;

  • Low rise and high rise housing for Local Authorities and Housing Associations.
  • Tower blocks (well over 80 completed)
  • Dangerous structures.
  • Commercial offices, department stores etc on congested city centre sites.
  • Bridges, viaducts, motorway gantries and the like.
  • Warehouse complexes.
  • Mills, chimneys, factories and petrochemical and chemical process sites, including complete facilities, partial demolition during tightly programmed shutdown periods, and major demolitions on operational sites where live services are threaded through our works.
  • Contaminated buildings / structures for BNFL and the nuclear power industry.
  • Schools and churches.
  • Hospitals.
  • Sports stadia.

Typical Case Studies: