Sloyan Doyle Demolition

Temporary Works

Demolition / redevelopment projects frequently require the design and installation of temporary works to keep adjacent or retained structures stable, to prevent collapse of the structure being demolished or  to allow a preferred demolition method to be used safely.

With a highly experienced Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer ‘in house’ to undertake temporary works design and oversee all project planning, our clients can be confident that Sloyan Doyle offer a professional, safe and cost efficient service.

We can provide

  • Planning and design for all types of demolition.
  • Structural surveys and analysis to assess the stability of buildings and determine what loads can safely be applied, whether floor propping is required during level by level demolition, what sequence of element removal is required to maintain stability during demolition operations.
  • Façade retention systems
  • Temporary works solutions for structural alterations, such as forming major openings in loadbearing walls, removal of primary structural elements and the like.

Typical Case Studies